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  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)

    Danwen Huang - 12/12/2010 11:20:13 Nintendo DS

    Now first off is you have a Wii you should but the wiiware version of this game (is about £7!) since this game is hard to find at a cheap price nowadays.

    Phoenix Wright is a defence lawyer and the only gaming defence lawyer I know which means this game plays out very differently. If you would put it in a genre it'll be a point and click game with a twist.

    Most of the time you'll be investigating a crime scene- the one with the most clicking points- or you'll be at court defending your client- the part that takes the most brain juice.

    The gameplay mechanic of finding contradictions and presenting evidence feels really fresh and original and the characters are funny, lovable and have anime-esque designs (which anime fans will particularly like) However all this can feel a little linear so there's not much reply value.

    But thats nonsense becuase is like saying you shouldn't buy books because you won't read them again. This game has a great plot, great script and lots of fiendish puzzles you can solve. Such an original and fun game is worth every penny.

  • Just Dance 2 (Wii)

    Mummy - 11/12/2010 15:50:57 Nintendo Wii

    This is excellent fun for the whole family, plus it's a really good workout! It is also EXTREMELY funny watching other people playing it ... great buy.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)

    David Hawes - 09/12/2010 16:40:18 PlayStation 3

    So it's finally arrived... arguably the most eagerly-awaited title of the year. Does it delivery? Well - yes and no.

    Whilst the storyline is (yet again!) a little on the confusing side at times (something of a COD trait!), the single player option is far more gripping than the schizophrenic MW2. Some of the set pieces are staggering, particularly the Vietnam sections involving the attack helicopter and river boat.

    Whether you're breaking out of a Russian Gulag, or attacking an arctic German compoud, the action is fierce, and will challenge all in the more advanced and 'veteran' gameplay modes. That said, Black Ops lacks the sense of panic of MW2 that often left you in tatters and permanently on the edge of your seat.

    The weaponary this time around is a big bonus - a mixutre of old school guns (with fabulous recoil) and some nifty new gadgets. The explosive-tipped harpoon is a particular favorite!

    The Zombie mode returns again, with some hilarious storyline features. Don't expect anything new when compared with WoW - it's the same basic format, and it's great!

    Treyarch have done little with the general format of the multiplayer mode - the usual Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Free for All etc. game modes are all there. The big difference this time around is the manner in which you skill up your weaponary and perks. Essentially, this sees you buying whichever upgrades you see fit with reward money achieved through good gamplay. A good departure that allows you to tailor your weaponary to suit your own style, rather than be forced to laboriously upgrade by racking up kills.

    The big let-down with Black Ops is the playability of the online multiplayer mode. Network and connection problems during game selection and in-between matches are frequent, and setting up your own lobby is enormously difficult. A major let-down when compared with the slick MW2. Once actually playing the game online, there are some major glitches that, at best, seriously frustrate and, at worst, render the game unplayable.

    Lag is immediately evident, and you'll often find yourself killed when seemingly perfectly protected behind cover. Furthermore, whislt the one-shot headshot kill is welcome, watching the odd kill-cam will leave some bemused as to how your opponent is still alive after taking five shots at close range only to take you out with a single shot (not to the head!). Until these problems are fixed, the total immersive playability of MW2 multiplayer will not be realised.

    That said, there are some great new maps - Saigon and Castro's Villa, in particular, are brilliant!

    Black Ops has taken a panning in some quarters, particularly for the issues with the multiplayer. Sort these out and Treyarch will have an equal to MW2, if not better. Until then, it's a bit of a frustration that the series hasn't moved on quite as much as we all hoped!

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

    Phillip Foreman - 07/12/2010 20:44:48 Nintendo Wii

    Having purchased Donkey Kong Returns, I was extremely impressed by all aspects of the game.

    The graphics are outstanding and having to use the wii remote and nun chuck to run fast and compete during the game really made me think I was in the game. I know that sounds cheesy but it is a great game.

    There are plenty of levels to get through and the secret levels that you find throughout the game are cool.

    Overall a very enjoyable game to play and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Donkey Kong or who is a fan of these type of platform games.


  • Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (Wii)

    James Tebby - 06/12/2010 15:25:04 Nintendo Wii

    Being a huge Harry Potter fan I couldn't wait to get hold of a copy of The Deathly Hallows Part 1 on the Wii but I wish I hadn't bothered, I was hoping for a game similar to The Half-Blood Prince on the Wii but unfortunately it's a rushed mess of a game with a story that is very very loosely based on the film with uncomfortable controls and completely awful camera angles that make the game rather annoying.
    unlike Harry Potters previous outing on the Wii the fun way of casting spells by waving the Wii-mote has been replaced with a House of the Dead point and shoot style way of casting a spell which is rather dull in comparison.
    Speaking of spells they are a serious weak point in this game, each time you want to change the spell you cast you have to, in effect, pause the game and select the spell which makes for a lot of stooping and starting as you need to change spells frequently, also most of the spells do not do what they are described as doing in the book or film it seems as if the game developers have just looked up the name of a spell and said " that will do" and then just changed what it does to suit their programming needs, for example, the "expulso" spell is supposed to explode on impact and instead of that they have made it, what they call, an "incapacitating" spell, which in effect means it fires out multiple red energy bolts, why they've chosen to do this is beyond me, and to further higlight the laziness of this game when you hear a death eater shout "crucio" in stead of casting the cruciatus curse they cast a spell identical to the expulso spell that harry can cast apparently they couldn't be bothered to program in the correct spells either hoping that the players wouldn't notice or they didn't care if they did notice.

    Game play wise the game feels like it drags there are multiple boring tasks to accomplish, such as walking up to look at people to see if they are Death Eaters then heading back to Ron and Hermione to tell them that they're not Death eaters, who cares?!!! Just when you think you're getting somewhere and there is some action coming suddenly you're given 3 non plot related levels, mostly involving rescuing Muggle borne wizards, which wouldn't be so bad if they were optional but they are not you have to complete them to get back to the main story.

    They are no mini games in the Deathly Hallows to provide light hearted relief and the worst part for me is there is no 2 player duelling mode which was a fantastic part of The Half-Blood Prince, personally if there was a Harry potter game that was just duelling i would prefer it to the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

    Overall I wouldn't was your money on this game, it will frustrate Harry Potter fans with it's terrible version of the story and the spells and non harry Potter fans will get bored with this very very quickly, it's basicly a rushed game made to cash in on the hype of the 7th film with little or no thought for the fans

  • Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

    M Norris - 28/11/2010 12:39:33 PlayStation 3

    Finally after a long wait. The driving game of the year have been released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent a must for all gamers.

  • Band Hero - Super Bundle (Wii)

    louise - 28/11/2010 02:22:12 Nintendo Wii

    All my family love nintendo wii as it encourges us all to play together plus it is great for exercise thanks nintendo

  • Toy Story 3: The Video Game (Xbox 360)

    Jeanette Rigby - 27/11/2010 16:36:56 XBox 360

    So much easier to find the best prices!!!!

  • WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (Xbox 360)

    David Coulson - 26/11/2010 21:42:21 XBox 360

    Another year, another WWE game, but surely after 11 years the series must be going stale? If you asked me a year ago the answer would of been yes but this years game has giving the series a swift kick up the backside with all the right improvements.

    To start, the game features over 70 superstars and divas with 56 available from the start, the rest are unlocked in the games 2 main modes; Road to Wrestlemania and the brand new career mode WWE Universe. Like most sport games the roster is a little outdated by the time the game is released. This is because the roster cut off point is much earlier in the year so if they are in WWE at the start, more than likely they will be in the game. This means the Nexus are not in this years games although THQ are supporting the game with at least 3 packs of DLC which include characters and arenas and one of them packs features 3 members of the Nexus so that should keep most WWE fans happy, although no Daniel Bryan in this years edition.

    Now onto the actual game play, this has been given a complete revamp using 3 different engines, one for the weapons and environment, one for the characters moves and one for their body parts and muscle flex's. The biggest improvement is using weapons and how they react, for instance if you suplex your opponent onto a table but only catch the end, it won't break or simply move to the side, the new game engine means that the table will react realistically and the table leg might close or break off but the table doesn't break. You can also change direction mid move to position them to land on a table, ladder, chair etc. This gives a much more realistic feel to the game and makes hardcore matches much more extreme because a lot more variety of violence can be done.

    As mentioned earlier the game features 2 main game modes. The Road to Wrestlemania mode has been in the series since Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 but this year it has had a huge feature added which now allows you to walk around backstage and interact with other characters, start fights and take part in side tasks. The only downfall is some of these tasks can be abit childish at times like capturing souls in Paul Bearers urn, rebuilding a time machine and having the Undertaker taking over your mind. But overall it's a fun mode to play and is one of the main ways of unlocking bonus characters and costumes.
    The other mode is the brand new WWE Universe mode which merges exhibition mode and the boring career mode featured in the previous years. In WWE Universe you can go through the year creating your own matches and storylines, deciding who runs for each title and who are allies and who are enemies; it will automatically do this as well if you simulate matches. This mode goes on forever and is very versatile and adds a lot more life to the game as you can really make it yours and have complete control over it.

    Now onto the section the series is most famous for and that is the brilliant Create mode which now features Create A Wrestler, Story, Finisher, Entrance, Move set and more. The Create a Wrestler mode allows you create real life wrestlers or even create yourself or anyone else for that matter and put them into the game. Once finished you can upload them onto the Community Creations section and other people all over the world can download them. This is a great feature to have because not everyone is great at making Wrestlers or just don't have the time to sit for hours trying to get the jaw line just right. Rather than spending all your time creating, let someone else do it and spend more time playing.
    The main fault with this mode when introduced last year was anything downloaded could not be edited in any way, shape or form. And after thousands of complaints THQ listened and now anything downloaded can be edited. Downloaded a superstar but their entrance not quite right? Now you can correct it rather than putting up with it. Is their attire outdated? No problem just go into the Superstar Thread section and update it to your liking, this game really is the most versatile its ever been and in my eyes if it didn't head in this direction the series wouldn't of lasted much longer.

    Overall this game has all the much needed improvements the series has been in desperate need of and if THQ can to manage to make this many improvements to next years game then Smackdown Vs Raw 2012 will be out of this world but for now I recommend picking this up as it is the most realistic fighting game to date.

  • The Sims 3 (Xbox 360)

    Peter Czechowski - 26/11/2010 20:18:05 XBox 360

    Five years has past since EA released the critically acclaimed Sims franchise onto the Xbox with huge anticipation from its loyal fans, does it shape up to its predecessors?
    Firstly, starting with the creation of your character there does seem to be a huge improvement from The Sims 2. Although the menus and maps have changed for the console version this new version of Sims is the closest to a port of the PC version they have made so far. The problem is are the fans looking for a direct port of a PC version or a unique version designed specifically for the consoles? The first thing you notice when you have bought a house and settle in is the bedazzling amount of buttons and options there are, maybe too much to handle at times. They have thrown out the different camera angles of previous titles and have stuck to the point and click like the PC version assuming that the fans didn't respond well to the idea of controlling your Sim from a third person perspective from Sims 2. It makes the game more difficult and time consuming to control because a joy pad is not as responsive as a mouse.
    The major problems with Sims 3 would be firstly they have stripped the game of their strongest feature, Coop multiplayer. The major success in previous titles separating itself from the PC port and giving fans a reason to empty their pockets for a ported version was so they can experience the Sims life with a friend. You would have thought instead of stripping games of their quality assets, they would boost them instead such as adding an online multiplayer experience to play with your friends, which is such a normal standard with most games released today. The Sims is about simulating real life, humans are social creatures so why separating them in closed rooms to play on their own? Surely it should be encouraged to share their Sims life with a friend? The second problem would be the lack of story line. The original Sims and Sims Bustin out on the Xbox split story line and free mode so that the player had a choice but in Sims 2 and the new Sims 3 the idea was scrapped replaced with aspirations and karma powers which makes the game at times feel aimless. But does Karma Powers increase the lasting appeal? Well they are extremely fun to use but theirs only a short number available and only a couple of them are any fun.

    Good Port but lacks fundamental features, which were key to the success of the originals.