Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain box ArtHeavy Rain: The Origami Killer is a Playstation and PC video game released in 2009. It was first announced in 2006 with great expectations. This is mainly because of the author’s ambitious promises and good reputation in game development, as they have already produced successful games such as Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit. The latter, in particular, was considerably successful and warmly welcomed by both critics and players, primarily due to the great story. It’s no surprise that the game received awards from GameSpot for the Best Story and Best Adventure Game of the Year. 2005

In Heavy Rain, the most significant focus is on the story, being dark, adult, and complex. It’s somehow unique that we can normally finish the game despite all the main characters’ death, in such a way that if the character we control dies, the game and the story continues through the eyes of the others.

The game itself is not a sequel to Fahrenheit but an entirely new game. The story is even more similar to a noir thriller, Sin City type, and does not contain supernatural elements. The authors emphasize the significant emotional charge of the story and the concrete consequences of the player’s decisions on the outcome. The game is not only supposed to be played and to be a passive observer in it on predetermined storylines but also to be co-created. The gameplay is based on the so-called “Quick-Time Events” (QTE), meaning that you will have to press the button that will appear on the screen at the right time during the game. If we succeed in this, the sequence will be in our favor, otherwise not.

Website: https://www.quanticdream.com/en/heavy-rain