Playstation 5

Here on this section of our website, there is all about Sony’s most recent game console, Playstation 5.

The specifications of the Playstation 5 have been known for quite some time – the device contains an 8-core AMD Zen 2 central processing unit running at 3.5GHz, 16GB of GDDR6 working memory, and a dedicated AMD graphics card with 10.28 TFLOPs processing power. The built-in storage SSD drive ensures almost instantaneous loading of games, the most expensive device will have a capacity of 1 TB.

The game controller called DualSense has also undergone an evolution, offering a haptic response instead of the familiar vibration, which more accurately transmits events in the game. Even triggers put pressure on the player’s fingers. It includes a built-in speaker and microphone, and this time with a USB-C socket. As usual, on the PS5, we can connect many peripherals. A desktop charger, camera, Pulse 3d headphones to the remote control.

It will also be able to run a significant part of the extensive PS4 game library. And a good portion will also include the new PS Plus collection, which will be available to customers with the release of PS5, including God of War, Uncharted 4, Last of Us Remastered, and many others.

And most importantly – of course, the games. Demon Souls, Destruction AllStars, Marvels Spider-Man – Milles Morales, Sackboy A Big Adventure, a new Call of Duty, a new Assasins Creed, and the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 are expected. More exclusive AAAs: Horizon Zero Dawn, the new Ratchet & Clank, GranTurismo 7, and many others. With the release, the still popular Fortnite will also be ready for the new platform. But there is no fear that the PS5 would not get its share of Fife, Farming simulators, and similarly attractive titles …