PC Hardware

A PC consists of hardware and software. This page will focus on the basic hardware a computer needs to function properly.

The main job of the hardware is data acquisition (keyboard, mouse), data processing (central processing unit or CPU), and data display (monitor, printer). Instructions on how to do this are called software.

Computer hardware is divided into:

  • Input Units: mouse, keyboard
  • Output Units: monitor, printer
  • Central Processing Unit (on modern gaming PCs, there is a separate graphics processing unit (GPU), responsible for rendering all you can see on the display
  • Memory Units: disk, flash memory, RAM

For the computer to be functional, all the parts must be, of course, connected to one base unit. This base unit is called a motherboard.

After connecting all the hardware parts to the motherboard, it will not work until we install the necessary software, which can be divided into:

  • System software: operating system, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOSX
  • User software: text editors, table editors, graphics programs, presentations, and so on.