Order your games now - check for sales bargains and beat the VAT increase

Published: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The rate of VAT will increase from 17.5% to 20% on January 4th 2011 which is the first working day after Christmas and the New Year. It doesn't sound much when you consider items individually (a game costing £47 will go up by just a pound to £48) but when you start adding together all the items on your wish-list the VAT increase could produce quite a staggering effect.

Some of the more cost-conscious of you game-purchasers will be using the period up to 4th of January to assess which games you think you might have been be intending to buy over the coming months and to weigh up the benefits of getting them before the increase comes into effect. The down side to this approach, however, could be that once you have your supply of new games you will be tempted to play them all at once instead of pacing yourself!
Also, don't forget, a lot of the retailers will now be starting their January sales early so it's worth checking out whether a game you have been saving up for may be a bit cheaper for a couple of weeks. If there's a game you hoped you'd be getting for Christmas and didn't, or if your Auntie has given you a cheque to spend, then the sales are a good place to start looking. For a summary of games that have been popular leading up to Christmas see our previous article on "Christmas Shopping Bargains".
Keep a close eye on our site and check out our substantial list of retailers for the best prices between now and January 4th 2011. Spend your Christmas money wisely; use the sales, beat the VAT increase and see your money go further here at find-games.