What PC Components Do I Need for Gaming?

Being a gamer, you are not an average computer user. You may be a professional video editor, a master of 3D animations, or a simulation engineer. But maybe you’re an elite gamer playing AAA titles in a competitive environment, and you need some extra fps to scoop some noobs? In this case, you are an above-average user who needs a potent and powerful PC.

Whether you need a PC for professional work or playing games, you’ll need a tremendous amount of raw power in both cases. All of the above examples require as many megahertz as possible, a lot of memory, and a large fast disk. All components need to be robust, and you just can’t cut any corner. However, no one expects you to spend on a computer like you would on a car, so let’s take a look at where the understandable limit of a good purchase is. With the ASCINC team’s help, who performs game benchmarks, especially the latest AAA titles, we put up a quick guide on what PC components to choose for smooth competitive gaming.


Most modern games already take advantage of multi-core processors, utilizing as many cores and threads as possible. Still, it’s … Read more...