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Professor Layton and the Lost Future

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Professor Layton is back! Here is the latest episode of the puzzle adventure trilogy by Nintendo and Level-5 for the Nintendo DS to be made available outside of Japan. "Professor Layton and the Lost Future" follows its highly successful predecessors; "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" and "Professor Layton and Pandoras Box" and it is expected that the game will be equally warmly received by DS gamers.

The games were designed and produced by Akihiro Hino and are said to be inspired by Akira Tago's puzzle books "Mental Gymnastics" which are extremely popular in Japan.

The Lost Future, like the two previous fantasy games, consists of a series of puzzles set by the local inhabitants of the towns visited by the main characters of the game. These have to be solved by the game player in order to progress. This latest episode is sparked off by a letter received by the Professor and his side-kick, Luke, supposedly written by Luke ten years in the future. There are over 165 puzzles to tackle including logic problems, riddles, maths teasers, physical challenges, optical illusions and many more. These challenges have to be solved as the characters explore London both in the present time and in the future. Using time travel and the gift of communicating with animals the player is charged with the responsibility of enabling Professor Layton to save London from jeopardy.

The player must use the stylus to negotiate the trail to pick up clues and hints to help solve the various brainteasers in order to complete the game. There are also some hidden puzzles to be found and solved and three mini-games to provide extra interest; Toy car, Parrot and Picture Book. With twelve chapters to the game and ten mysteries to solve this game will keep you busy for quite a while.

The artwork (scenery and characters) is beautifully presented and is as sophisticated as we have come to expect from the Level-5 team. "Professor Layton and the Lost Future" is a charmingly addictive game and one which will certainly appeal to all the family. It would make a perfect Christmas present for just about anyone with access to a DS!
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Available on: Nintendo DS
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