Call of Duty Black Ops

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Plunged into the Cold War, you are thrust into some of the most dangerous conflict zones of the 1960s. This epic single-player campaign has you taking part in classified operations, explosive missions, and conflicts all over the world.

Lurking behind every corner is the possibility of death and destruction. But even so, you and your highly skilled Black Ops team must navigate harsh terrains; from the dark jungles of Vietnam right up to the snow-covered peaks of the Ural Mountains, the diverse variety of play on offer is astounding. Operating behind enemy lines, you’ll take part in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe.

With exclusive new weaponry and equipment at your disposal, your actions decide the outcome of your mission during one of the most turbulent and dangerous periods humanity has experienced.

Call of Duty’s signature multiplayer mode returns with loads of new features and extras. New kill streaks are included, and more advanced character and weapon customization levels, including a remote-controlled explosive device (an RC car), helicopters that you control, and an array of face paints, gun camo’s and equipment.

Many brand new modes also make their debut in Black Ops, enabling you to accumulate COD points while playing. Gaining COD points can help you but new equipment to help you complete a mission, as well as attachments, perks, and new customization options – giving you more freedom when personalizing your battles, missions, and characters. The higher you rank in the online Call of Duty world, the more exclusive online content you can access.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or a total newbie to the world of Call of Duty, this game is sure to have you addicted until the war is over.

Available for: Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360