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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

7+ (PEGI)

Funny, clever, engaging, atmospheric, colourful...I first heard about this game randomly whilst reading a games magazine, when it was first released in Japan on the Game Boy Advance. At the time it was a bizarre curio I had read about that I thought would never see the light of day in the UK. A few years later it was finally released here as a remake on the DS with touch screen interaction and a new 'fifth' chapter exclusively designed for the Nintendo DS, with the DS's functions in mind (those DS specific functions later to be utilized completely in 'Apollo Justice', the first original DS title in the franchise). This game drips with wit, humour, characters bursting with personality and incredibly intriguing mysteries to solve. Despite playing as a lawyer, you also do all the detective side...Read More

Available on: Nintendo DS
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  • Danwen Huang - Sunday, December 12, 2010 Nintendo DS

    Now first off is you have a Wii you should but the wiiware version of this game (is about £7!) since this game is hard to find at a cheap price nowadays.

    Phoenix Wright is a defence lawyer and the only gaming defence lawyer I know which means this game plays out very differently. If you would put it in a genre it'll be a point and click game with a twist.

    Most of the time you'll be investigating a crime scene- the one with the most clicking points- or you'll be at court defending your client- the part that takes the most brain juice.

    The gameplay mechanic of finding contradictions and presenting evidence feels really fresh and original and the characters are funny, lovable and have anime-esque designs (which anime fans will particularly like) However all this can feel a little linear so there's not much reply value.

    But thats nonsense becuase is like saying you shouldn't buy books because you won't read them again. This game has a great plot, great script and lots of fiendish puzzles you can solve. Such an original and fun game is worth every penny.

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