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Fable 3

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Fable 3 (PC and Xbox360 ), the third game in the Fable series (developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios), is staged 50 years on from Fable 2. The game player takes on the role of Prince or Princess Albion, the son or daughter of the main character in Fable 2. The aim of the game is twofold.
1. To try to assemble allies by making deals with powerful leaders and to stage a rebellion to defeat the tyrant King (Logan who is the player's older brother).
2. After being crowned King, the player has to decide whether to remain honest and good and to keep promises previously made to the allies, or to turn bad and deceive them in order to amass money to defend the kingdom of Albion against an evil creature "the Crawler".
All decisions made at this point produce even more dilemmas to be resolved by the new King and it is the players adeptness at evaluating potential outcomes that is paramount to his/her success at the end of the game.
The general feeling I'm hearing from other players is that Fable 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable game though some are of the opinion it may be a bit too similar to Fable 2 and that some of the graphics are possibly slightly behind the times. I personally feel, however, that the role-playing and quest elements combined with the strategy element produce a pretty successful result and that Fable 3 is a game that should be included in the library of every RPG addict. Read More

Available on: PC XBox 360
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