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Red Dead Redemption

18+ (G2C)

Set 100 years ago, in the Wild West of America, Red Dead Redemption follows former outlaw John Marston. In this action-adventure game Marston's problematic past leads him to make a number of decisions as he seeks to bring in law and order. Gamers can choose whether to fight for fame and fortune or honour.

This third person shooter, the sequel to 2004s Red Dead Revolver, allows players to choose from an array of weapons as they journey across the American plains, encountering deadly obstacles on their travels. There's also a selection of mini-games, including gambling and cattle herding.
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Available on: PlayStation 3 XBox 360
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  • Paul - Wednesday, July 28, 2010 PlayStation 3

    Fantastic game!! So much more than just GTA with cowboys!

  • Samick Sofat - Monday, June 7, 2010 XBox 360

    Join John Marston, a former outlaw and awesome cowboy, in this stunning Wild West adventure. Betrayed by his gang and left for dead, the player must travel across picturesque landscapes typical of the era. By the creators of GTA IV enjoy a stunning, interactive experience in one of the oldest and most popular media genres and take an active part in the ultimate spaghetti western in which you make the choices.

    Red Dead Redemption is quite simply an extraordinary game. Only a few years ago Rockstar games blew us away with GTA IV, one of the defining games of the sandbox style and this current set of consoles. The game was entertaining and allowed the player to experience a thrilling adventure across Liberty City with the likes of Niko Bellic. Red Dead Redemption (RDR) blows it out of the water.

    GTA players will feel at home straight away as our hero steps out of a boat into the huge world that is the player's playground. Most sandboxes boast large maps with activities, however much of the area is revealed to be out of bounds and the activities turn out to be little more than re-skinned repeats of the same thing over and over again. The same problem does not extend to RDR. By horse, the game's primary mode of transport it takes 15 mins to gallop from one corner to the other as the crow flies. A full circuit of the map takes well over an hour and that is before you add in the random events, gang hideouts and dozens of mini-quests to complete.

    The main story, if you feel compelled to complete it, is anywhere from 25 to 35 hours long depending on how you like to take it. However if you go slow, completing many of the mini-games and side quests you will easily find your gameplay time at the end surpassing 100 hours without any problem.

    Now we move on to the multiplayer. The multiplayer in RDR is both the most ambitious and successful of any sandbox game and possibly the most fun of any game on the current-generation of consoles. Whether you like to play cooperative or competitive, with friends or against them there is a mode for you. As Rockstar described it, 'the game world is your lobby' as you and 15 people can all free roam in the huge world. Up to 8 of you can for a 'posse' and complete missions such as clearing the gang hideouts as I mentioned before. Most of the things that were possible on your own can be achieved with friends.

    Competitive multiplayer brings out both generic multiplayer game modes, such as team deathmatch and free for all, and new innovations with a Wild West theme. The game starts with a bang; all players have a Mexican shootout to decide starting positions and advantages. The community is fantastic and you will find yourself making friends very quickly and easily online if you do not already have a group also buying the game.

    Finally, the presentation of the game is beautiful. The animation of the horses, while seemingly minor, is spot on with muscle animation and model movements perfected to an inch of their likeness. The stunning vistas of the game world make it enjoyable just to ride round and explore, albeit with the occasional shootout with bandits. The RAGE engine has been upgraded from GTA IV to cope with the new requirements from the open landscape of RDR and the results are magnificent. The towns and settlements you encounter throughout the world have nailed the wild west style from the saloons to the lawmen and sheriff. The palette of colours really makes you feel like you are in America at the turn of the industrial revolution.

    RDR is probably the best experience, both single and multiplayer that will be released for casual to hardcore gamers for some time. For all the reasons listed above it simply provides an entertaining interactive adventure that is crisp and enjoyable. The game does suffer from glitches however they are not game-breaking and seem more like funny Easter eggs or jokes such as the invisible horse or the infamous donkey lady ( If you are not already planning the purchase the game by looking at this page I suggest you do and to make the experience better by ten-fold, convince some of your friends too. 10/10 and my hat off to rockstar once again.

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