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New Super Mario Bros

3+ (PEGI)

In a nutshell:It's been over fifteen years since the last Super Mario Bros. but finally Mario is back in a proper 2D platforming adventure. Just because it's old school though doesn't mean it's old hat...The lowdown:Considering the last Super Mario Bros. game is still the best selling video game of all time (17.28 million copies and counting) this has a lot to live up to, but it almost effortlessly captures the action and charm of the old games. The basics of the game are the same as always as you run and jump through mostly horizontally scrolling levels. New to the game are power-ups that turn Mario into a giant or make him really tiny, as well as one that gives him a Koopa shell on his back to attack enemies with. Although the gameplay is all in two dimensions the graphics are 3D, with all...Read More

Available on: Nintendo DS
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