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Gran Turismo 5


The latest instalment of one of the most globally successful game franchises of the last 10 years - Gran Turismo 5 brings you crisp, realistic racing scenarios as well as the highest quality graphics your eyes can endure! With 950 different cars available modelled to the highest degree of accuracy, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Gran Turismo 5 has a whole host of new features to make you gaming and racing experience the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible, whilst photo-realistic graphics simulate hundreds of cars in extreme detail - from the tiniest nuts and bolts to the handling of every individual car. With fully realistic damage modelling, you can see the amount of damage done to your car as well as other players' cars. A 16 player online mode has been included so you can take on a greater number of friends in head to head races. Dynamic realistic weather changes completely enhance your driving experience and give you that realistic feeling whilst racing against the elements! Night racing is another feature, so you can experience Gran Turismo in the twilight hours and racing into darkness!

This game has really stepped up to the plate and given fans more than they've ever wanted from a racing game. The test track from BBC1's show Top gear is even available - you can become The Stig and test drive cars to your heart's content! Read More

Available on: PlayStation 3
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  • Customer Reviews

  • M Norris - Sunday, November 28, 2010 PlayStation 3

    Finally after a long wait. The driving game of the year have been released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent a must for all gamers.

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